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Organisational information, locations and contacts, constitutional and legal governance

Much of the Information in this category is available on the University’s website

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1.1 The University’s legal and corporate status

Preface to University’s Statutes and Regulations



The University’s organisational and governance structure, including:

the work of each unit;

the names and responsibilities of key personnel;

terms of reference and membership of boards and committees.

The structure of the University

Academic Divisions

Colleges of the University

Governance structure


Committees of Council


Statutes and Regulations

Organisation Chart (PDF, 8kb)

1.3 Location and contact details

Contact details



Organisations for which the University is responsible or with which it works, including:

subsidiary companies,


business partners,

community bodies

Subsidiary companies are listed in the University's Financial Statements

Spin outs

Enterprise – relationships with business

Oxford in the community

1.5 Student activities - Activities organised for or by students

Student life

Oxford University Student Union

Clubs, events and societies

1.6 Collaborative courses and programmes  Collaborative courses


Information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, tendering and contracts

Much of the information in this category can be found on the University website

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2.1 Income and expenditure and budgeting – where money is spent and where the University is planning to spend it

Financial statements

Annual review

External research income

Expenditure over £25,000 2012-13 ( , 88kb)

Expenditure over £25,000 2013-14 ( , 53kb)

Value for money

Planning and Resource Allocation

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)

2.2 Capital programme – major plans for capital expenditure

Strategic plan

Capital Projects

Library projects

2.3 Financial regulations, procedures and audit reports

Financial regulations

Financial statements


Staff pay, grading structure, expenses and benefits

Salary scales

Expenses and benefits guide

Staff benefits

Grade roles

2.5 Purchasing

Purchasing Department

Purchase to pay process

Contracts over £25,000 ( , 19kb)


Strategy and performance information, plans, assessments, inspections and reviews.

Much of the information in this category is available on the University’s website

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3.1 Annual report

Annual Review

Financial statements


Strategic plan

Strategic plan
3.3 Learning and teaching strategy Strategic plan
3.4 Academic quality and standards Quality assurance handbook

External audit and internal review - 

Institutional audit by the Quality Assurance Agency and internal quality assurance

Institutional audit

Internal reviews


Government and regulatory reports - 

accreditation and monitoring reports by professional, statutory or regulatory bodies and information that the University is legally obliged to make available to its funding and/or monitoring bodies

Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA)

Higher Education Funding Council for (HEFCE)

Quality Assurance agency (QAA)

3.7 The University’s compliance with its duties under the Equality Act 2010 – any information produced as part of these duties

Equality and Diversity Unit

Annual Equality Report


Policy proposals and decisions. Decision-making processes, procedures, consultations.

Much of the information in this category is available on the University’s website

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4.1 Decision-making in the University

Governance structure


Gazette 1

1 The Gazette is the authorised journal of record of the University of Oxford. In addition to its regular weekly issues, it publishes a number of supplements throughout the year, containing a variety of statistical and management information.

Current written protocols for delivering our functions and responsibilities.

Much of the information in this category is available on the University’s website

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Policies and procedures for conducting the University’s business –



codes of practice

procedures for handling requests for information

Policy statements and codes and practice

Statutes and Regulations

Requests for personal data under the Data Protection Act or for information under the Freedom of Information Act


Academic Services, including:



examinations and assessment

new courses/ major changes to existing courses

research degrees

A-Z of policies

Student Services, including:



students records

support services

Oxford Students

Research, including:

research integrity


intellectual property

knowledge exchange


Research integrity and ethics

Use of animals in scientific research

Intellectual property

Impact and knowledge exchange



Policies and procedures relating to human resources, including:


terms and conditions



harassment and bullying

public interest disclosure

HR Support

Recruiting staff

Academic employment

Staff handbook – academic-related

Staff handbook – support staff

Grievance procedures

Disciplinary procedures

Harassment and bullying

Public interest disclosure

5.6 Equality and Diversity policies

Equality and Diversity Unit

Integrated equality policy

5.7 Health and safety Health and Safety
5.8 Estates management

Estates strategy

Asset and space management

Environmental sustainability


5.9 Records management

Information security

Data Protection


Information held in lists and registers required by law and other lists and registers relating to the functions of the University

Much of the information in this category is available on the University’s website

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6.1 Register of interests/Senior Staff declaration of interests Register of interests
6.2 Gifts and hospitality

Gifts and hospitality

Gifts and hospitality registers

6.3 Vice-Chancellor’s expenses and travel/subsistence Expenses and travel/subsistence
6.4 CCTV

The University manages a number of CCTV cameras throughout the estate. Cameras are located in the following areas and are compliant with the Government’s CCTV codes of practice:

Science area

Keble triangle

Wellington Square

Radcliffe Observatory Quarter

University Parks

Merton Lane

See Maps for further details


Advice and guidance, booklets and leaflets, transactions and media releases. A description of the services offered.

Much of the information in this category is available on the University’s website

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7.1 Prospective students Admissions
7.2 Current students Student gateway
7.3 News and events Latest news
7.4 Visitors  Information for visitors
7.5 Museums and collections

Ashmolean Museum

Bodleian Libraries

Botanic gardens

Museum of Natural History

Museum of the History of Science

Pitt Rivers Museum

7.6 Conference facilities Conference Oxford


Contact us

Freedom of Information Requests

Subject Access Requests and All Other Information Requests